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It can be easy going green!

A climate change is with us like it or not.

We have one world, one planet - like it or not.

That's why we should look after it.

It's not 'the others' that need to change behaviour and do more recycling - it's us.

The balance of the eco system rests with us - this generation.

We can all do our bit, we can:

reduce emmissions,

cut down on meat eating

walk more, drive less - the Co-op isn't that far away and have you seen the parking in Lustrells and Longridge?


But it's not only about the above, it's about improving air qualiaty, consider the Rottingdean situation.

One of the most efective methods to change our air qualiaty and provide a better habitat for our wild birds is to plant trees.

The SRA are promoting a green agenda in 2020.

We have access to FREE trees for your

back garden.


We are looking for 100 gardens in which they can live; can you give a tree a home?

If your garden would like a tree, write to the SRA today.  Put 'TREES' in the address bar of your email. First 100 FREE

What have you done today to make you feel GREEN???

1. Protect the green spaces:

Saltdean Oval, the three greens on the Mount Estate, & the urban fringe

2. Support the renovation of the Lido building as a community hub with a library and cafe bar

3.Improve the A259

4 Prevent over-development, unless infrastructure is up-graded

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