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27th April 2017

A259 South Coast Road Congestion

Do you want to see a reduction in the A259 South Coast Road congestion? 
If so then read on!

You’ll already know that traffic queues start to build earlier and earlier in the day and you’ll get stuck in traffic anywhere between Brighton Marina and Newhaven in either direction. There are lots of new planning applications coming in for housing along this stretch of road with no increased infrastructure planned. The High Street in Rottingdean is a designated Air Quality Management Area and recently, the central roads in Newhaven have also been designated as an Air Quality Management Area. This stretch of the A259 South Coast Road covers two local Councils, B&HCC and ESCC, the boundary being in the middle of Saltdean.  

What is the plan?

We are petitioning B&HCC, ESCC and LDC to work with each other to carry out a joint traffic evaluation study as well as an economic impact study of the detrimental effects caused by traffic congestion and to inform local residents what road infrastructure improvements will be required before further housing development takes place.

Over 17,000 signatures were collected across the three petitions, we have presented to B&HCC  and to Lewes Distict Council. In September we will be presenting to East Sussex County Council. We have had to be persistent at the council meetings and with support from local Councilors, across all political parties, we have managed to get undertakings for further studies and cross border working. The September ESCC meeting is crucial to the outcomes.  Thanks to all who have signed the more signatures the louder the voice!

Feburary 2018 Update

The Big Petition 17,000 signatures across three petitions has been presented to all three

 councils the final one being East Sussex County Council.

Across the three Councils the majority of the Politicans from all parties recongise the difficulties for residents of Peacehaven and Saltdean who are dependent on the A259 to access their homes. The requent accidents and other blockages to the road mean that total closure of the A259 can happen sometimes twice a month.

Brighton and Hove City Council have at last acknowledged that the congestion estimates given by petential developers in the Deans area of quening traffic at peak times are not 70 vechcles but 340 vechicles.

Rottingdean Parish Council commissioned a count from Rottingdean to Ovendean in 2017 the results are as above.

It has taken over two years of campaigning to achieve this.

Looking East ESCC are going through the same denial process. More information and clarification is being sort of ESCC by Lewes District Councillors before particularly planning permission is given for 450 homes at Hoddern Farm but ESCC is claiming that they have no need to change their plans based on out-dated 2012 figures.

The SRA continues to campaign with other residents groups and the A259 Action Group to achieve the aims of the Big Petition for up to date traffic figures to be collected and an Economic Impact Study on the A259 Newhaven to Rottingdean, £50K has been designated for budget approval by Lewes DC for this study.

1. Protect the green spaces:

Saltdean Oval, the three greens on the Mount Estate, & the urban fringe

2. Support the renovation of the Lido building as a community hub with a library and cafe bar

3.Improve the A259

4 Prevent over-development, unless infrastructure is up-graded

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