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Join Today using our new online system

Great Opportunity to get involved for a small fee!

For the price of a pint

(or a glass of wine) you can make a dramatic difference to where you live.


Saltdean Residents' Association is looking for more members to vote on local issues and to help strengthen our voice on all local issues. If you'd like to become more active in our community then please consider joining the SRA.

Membership is per household and will give all members of the household over 18 voting rights on local issues:

Membership Fee 2021

£5 for 1 year

Why become an SRA member?


Saltdean Residents' Association a force for good since 1934 An integral part of life in Saltdean

embracing East and West


1. Support your Community.

Every additional household adds to the strength of our voice. More members means a louder voice when we are fighting for local causes or campaigning on local issues.


2. You are supporting your Community.

By paying just £5 for 1 year, for your whole household, you are supporting the running costs of the SRA and helping it continue to work for our community.


3. Make your voice heard!

Membership gives over 18's a vote on a variety of local issues so if you want your voice heard you should join the SRA.

4. We are asked for our opinion

The SRA is the official consultee for local Councils East and West so when the councils want to hear from the community they come to the SRA.


5. Know what's going on

Members receive regular email updates, news and details of events from the Chair so if you if you want to know whats going on, join today.


6. If you care about your community?

If you care about the facilities, environment and wellbeing of our community in Saltdean, we do too. Join today and help us help our community!

The SRA Represents

the 'collective' view

of all our members

1. Protect the green spaces:

Saltdean Oval, the three greens on the Mount Estate, & the urban fringe

2. Support the renovation of the Lido building as a community hub with a library and cafe bar

3.Improve the A259

4 Prevent over-development, unless infrastructure is up-graded

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