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                         Great news!

                 The Harmony Garden

    for the Residents of Saltdean is open


A meeting place for the community

A space to reflect 

The garden has been a long time in the coming and was the brainchild of our previous Chair, Cathy Gallager and the SRA Committee.

The garden was designed by the SRA and thanks should go to John Longthorn and others for their dedication to the project.  The SRA would also like to thank all Co-op shoppers who supported the SRA as one of the Co-op’s nominated charities.  It was these funds that paid for this garden and also the installation of the new benches in Crowborough Road.  

We are indebted to the Co-op, Longridge Ave for their Community Charity funding.

The work is not yet complete, due to Covid virus restrictions there are only of the three planned benches in the garden at the moment; the other one will be installed once social distancing is relaxed.

(Photograph taken prior to the bench arriving)

I think you will agree that this is a nice spot to sit and chat and look at the rest of the Oval.  The garden will be planted up and, as it matures, it will make a lovely meeting place for residents.

In the meantime, go and look at the garden and pay particular attention to the request for a small group of volunteers who are needed in order to make sure the garden is kept tidy.  If you are interested, please let us know at the SRA.


Out & About 

We campaign still!

Save our our Urban Fringe from excessive development


We are all aware that the Government are striving to provide much needed houses in the U.K.

Saltdean like many areas is under threat from developers who would take away our common areas.


The SRA understands the need for residential development however the need for adequate infrastucture is essenatil.  We will continue to petition local Councils to ensure that infrastructure is provided. 


The SRA is committed to protesting against unreasonable development.


If you would like us to champion your issues please feel free to contact us..  

Telscombe Tye Dew Pond.jpg

Excellent workmanship on the new fencing around the Dew Pond on Telscombe Tye.  If you are looking for a walk go and take a look

1. Protect the green spaces:

Saltdean Oval, the three greens on the Mount Estate, & the urban fringe

2. Support the renovation of the Lido building as a community hub with a library and cafe bar

3.Improve the A259

4 Prevent over-development, unless infrastructure is up-graded

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