Following UK Government and NHS guidelines all SRA meetings for the foreseeable future are cancelled.

The health and well-being of all Saltdean Residents is our chief priority at this time.

We are hopeful that we will be able to publish

'The Resident' this year however it will probably be August  / September  

SRA work on behalf of the community will continue behind the scenes and we will still be monitoring any emails sent to the SRA.

If there are urgent matters on which we need to take action we will do so as long as those actions do not compromise our stance on Coronavirus.

The SRA apologises for any inconvenience the above may cause.  We take the opportunity to thank all of those involved in helping the community at this difficult and extraordinary time and for your continued support and understanding.


Join today to vote

on local issues

If you'd like to help shape Saltdeans future then consider joining the Saltdeans Residents Association today. We meet quarterly to vote on important local issues more here and here and here and here also.

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Help campaign to improve Saltdean 

1. To protect the Green Spaces:

Saltdean Oval, The 3 Greens on The Mount Estate & The Urban Fringe

2. To renovation of the Lido building as a community hub with a library and cafe bar.

3. To improve the A259

4 To Prevent over development unless infrastructure is up-graded.

Heading 6


The adopt a brick wall of Fame has been started and is just at the entrace of the newly opened Saltdean Lido.

On the 17th June 2017 at 10am the first swimmers took to the water.

If you would like to adopt a brick contact:

“Join the SRA to help preserve

and improve the quality of life

for all Saltdean residents.”


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